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Museum of water in Kiev


Address: Kreshchatiy park, Grushevskogo street, 1v

Tel.: +38(044) 279 53 33

Working hours: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from 10:00 till 17:00; Saturday, Sunday from 10:00 till 18:00; sanitary days - Monday, Tuesday. Entrance of last group 60 minutes before closing

How to get: nearest metro station: Kreschatik (exit to Institutskaya st.); Maydan Nezalezhnosti; Poshtovaya square. Museum of Water is in Kreshchatiy Park, opposite hotel Dnipro and National Art Museum.

Museum of water

In downtown Kiev, on a high hill, in the middle of Kreshchatiy Park, there are two old water towers, aged more than 130 years, which are the architectural monuments their self. In one of them a restaurant is opened now, and in second Museum of Water is situated. The museum was opened in 2003 after the tower reconstruction.

Museum of Water has the name of Water-information centre. Major task of Museum of Water is to tell its visitors about the planet hydrosphere, about water-supply of Ukraine, about irreversible processes generated by human rash activity and its influence on ecology in whole. It would be interesting to see, what way is made by water, raining, absorbing by ground, passing different layers of earth, gathering into metro rivers.

Museum of water

Exposition is placed metro, where one can get using a lift. Guide will tell, how Kiev was supplied with drinking water long-ago, how much it cost, how the first waterpipe was built. Here you can see the functional model of artesian hole, to learn, how the sewage header is arranged. During a tour of Museum of Water visitors learn, what clearing stages sweet water goes through to become safe and useable, and also what factors worsen water on its way from treatment facilities to our kitchens and bathrooms.

Many exposition sections are dynamical, for example, there is bathroom with taps, always running: full bath, full washbasin, badly adjusted toilet cistern demonstrate irrational water consumption.

Museum of water

Peculiar Japanese small fishes swim in the big pool. If one brings a hand close to the water – small fishes sometimes jump out and touch it with lips. General amazement is usually provoked by a huge, of a man’s half height, toilet bowl. In one of museum halls the grotto is arranged, where you can see different water transformations and conditions: here are falls and rain with thunder-storm.

Museum of Water in Kiev is one of the most interesting for children. Taking shovels, children can pay the way for river in sand. And the most original moment, which is pleasant both to children and adults, is blowing up of huge soap bubbles. Kids and their parents can become the participants of unforgettable attraction.




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